Uzurano Airfield Historical Site: Peace Study Contents


The Uzurano Airfield was once the training grounds for the former Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II. It was established as the war situation worsened and there was a need for more pilots. In close proximity was the Kawanishi Aircraft factory, which was responsible for assembling fighter planes.

This animation and other digital illustrations depict the historical events that took place in the Uzurano area during World War II, as well as the stories of those who lived through the hardship of that time.

Through these videos and illustrations, we aim to provide a unique perspective on war, not only as a historical event, but also as something that affects our communities. It is our hope that this will inspire you to think about peace in a new and meaningful way.


Journey Back in Time:
Exploring the Uzurano Airfield During World War II

What exactly was the Uzurano area like at the time of World War II?

Classrooms Without Desks

The story of World War II when children were forced to work for the war effort.
(2min 28sec)

Surviving the War:
Women's Stories of Scarcity and Sustenance

What people ate during the war
(1min 55sec)

The Young Airfield Worker:
A Boy's Journey Through Adversity

The story of a junior high school student who worked at the airfield.
(2min 14sec)

Passing the Baton of Peace

From Knowing to Sharing. From thinking to taking action. What step will you take?(2min 8sec)




This animation and digital illustrations are based on the World War II memoir Wadachi together with reference to the information recorded as part of the war experience testimonial sharing training course.

Visit Sora Kasai to see a model of the former Uzurano Airfield restored to its original condition during World War II.

The model depicts what the Uzurano district looked like at that time, where the runway and air-raid shelters still remain today. Please use this model to understand the whole picture of the district.

  • Model Overview
    The restored site of the Uzurano Airfield
  • Range
    Uzurano Airfield and Hokkeguchi Station on the Hojo Line (1600m x 1080m)
  • Scale
  • Diorama size
    2m x 1.35m
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※only in Japanese※


This diorama is based on the "Himeji Naval Air Force Restoration Map" created in 2021 based on valuable historical documents collected in the " Restoration Project of Old Map around Uzurano Airfield Historical Site" and interviews with people who knew what it was like in those days.