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Introduction of Kasai city


Geographical conditions

It is mostly located in the center and Kasai-city is located at the point of south of Hyogo Prefecture, and Bansyuu field which are east longitude 134degree51' and north latitude 34degree56'. city region area -- 150.22km2 -- it is -- a spread of 12.4km of east and west, and 19.8km of north and south -- having -- the east -- south adjoins Himeji-city and Fukusaki-town and, in Kakogawa-city and north, the west adjoins Ono-city and Kato-city in Taka-town, Nishiwaki-city and Ichikawa-town, respectively.
In the north of a city, Mountains (above sea level [ 300-500m ]) of paleozoic stands in a row, the foot in Chugoku Mountains is formed, and three rivers of Fukkouji-river who emits that in a source, Manganji-river, and Shimosato-river join Manganji-river, mincing a hill and a terrace side and forming alluvial lowlands, and join Kako-river further.
Moreover, a Uzurano plateau spreads in the west side and the Aonogahara plateau vast on the east side of Manganji-river which flow the city central part forms the greatest flat ground in the Harima inland area. It is dotted with many reservoirs and within the prefecture serves as a leading high density zone especially this whole place.
On the other hand, the city southern part forms low mountains (above sea level [ 200-250m ]) formed by Mesozoic volcanic activity.


Natural conditions

Climate belongs to a Setouchi style and 1,100mm order per year and normal temperature have the precipitation of winter as warm as 16-degree-C order few. It is just going to be easy to live. Although water resources were dependent on a reservoir, the Kako-river branch, etc. which are dotted, an old water shortage was canceled by completion of a national dam.
About the vegetation of surrounding mountains, the forest where a Japan cedar, a cypress, etc. grow thick in north spreads, and the south of Chugoku Expressway is in rich green natural environment, although an Black Pine stock is a subject and is presenting the aspect of a copse.


The Kasai County was reorganized by cities, towns and villages system enforcement in 1 town of Hojo-town, Tomita-town, Kamo-town, Shimosato-town, 9 meeting village, Tomiai village, Takano village, Nishiarita village, Arita village, Yoshida village (it will merge to Nishiwaki-city in Showa 27), and Yamato village(it will merge to Yachiyo-town in 1954) 10 village in 1889. Hojo-town, Tomita village, Kamo village, and Shimosato village's 1 town 3 village merge on January 15, 1955 after merger-of-towns-and-villages promoting method establishment, and it becomes "Hojo-town". Furthermore, subsequently 3 of Tkano village, the Nishiarita village, and the Arita village villages merged on March 1, 1955, it became "Izumi-town", 2 of 9 meeting villages and Tomiai village villages merged further on March 30, 1955, and it became "Kasai-city."
And it merged on the basis of the idea "the Kasai County is one", the present Kasai-city was born, and 3 of Hojo-town, Izumi-town, and Kasai-town towns enforced municipal organization to the 21st in the prefecture on April 1, 1967.

Municipal emblem


It designs circularly, combining "power" of Kasai two, and "peace and union" and "peace city" Kasai which advances rapidly richly brightly are symbolized with the municipal emblem which modeled the "west."

(May 6, 1967 establishment)

Character mark


In order to brew the synthetic culture environment of being full of humanities, such as culture, health, and a human being, Based on the catchphrase of "Dream,Flower and Nehime" synthesizing city history resources, human resources, and a flower and beautiful green natural resources, a flower waits for the love tradition of Nehime by the account of the Harima national ground in a motif, a dream waits for it, and the future which bounces is expressed.

(November 28,1989 establishment)

City Tree /Japanese oak


Also historically by the evergreens which have come out if it grows wild also in the account of the Harima national ground for many years, there is deep relation with our city, and the quality of the material is hard, and symbolizes Kasai which advances rapidly by the dignified tree on which it was full of the brawny vitality.

(November 13, 1975 establishment)


City Flower /salvia


passion to which the crimson of a flower and the green of a leaf are the beautiful flowers which harmonize well, and the group beauty of the gregariousness burns with the therophyte of the department of a beefsteak plant -- expressing -- "flower and green wraps country culture city " -- Kasai is symbolized.

(November 13, 1975 establishment)

Kasai citizens' charter

Us the Kasai residents

1. -- it accepts to each other and he is suited, and it connects with mind and suits -- warm -- let's carry out for waiting.
1. culture -- deepening -- the scent of culture -- high -- pride oneself and it is -- let's carry out for waiting.
1. fortunately mind and body build a quiet home with healty -- let's carry out for waiting.
1. youth's brawny power is developed and definite aim in life is in an old man -- bright -- let's carry out for waiting.
1. a flower and beautiful green nature are kept and rich -- it is easy to end -- let's carry out for waiting.

(November 3, 1976 establishment)

Friendship city

International partner friendship city Pullman


Foot in the U.S. Washington Rockies
Beautiful nature with state University of Washington waits.


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